Coming Home

Coming Home (Jean and Jane Episode 8) by Karina Longworth

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Jean buries her child in Iowa, and then returns to Paris in a fragile mental state. Increasingly plagued by both justifiable paranoia and delusions, she makes her last significant films (including another misguided collaboration with Romain Gary), and another attempt at marriage. Back in the States, Jane subsumes her passion for activism into her new marriage to Tom Hayden, and works to get her movie career back on track by producing commercial yet socially conscious vehicles in which she can star in. One of these films, Coming Home, would become both an anti-war and feminist landmark, and would win Jane another Oscar.

Jean Seberg and Dennis Berry at the  Last Tango in Paris  premiere, 1972

Jean Seberg and Dennis Berry at the Last Tango in Paris premiere, 1972

Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden and their son Troy Garity, Santa Monica, c. 1975

Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden and their son Troy Garity, Santa Monica, c. 1975

Jon Voight and Jane Fonda,  Coming Home , 1978

Jon Voight and Jane Fonda, Coming Home, 1978



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Operation Last Patrol directed by Frank Cavestani.


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