The Fearless Vampire Killers

Charles Manson's Hollywood, Part 8: Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski by Karina Longworth


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While trying to launch her own acting career, Tate fell in love with, and eventually married, Roman Polanski, the hotshot Polish filmmaker who had his first massive American hit in the summer of 1968, Rosemary’s Baby. Tate and Polanski were often described as Hollywood’s “it” couple during their brief marriage, but behind the scenes their relationship was complicated by his infidelities, and her struggles to prove herself as an actress in films like Valley of the Dolls.

Show Notes:

The base list of sources for this series can be found here. This episode is a continuation of last week's episode, and was mostly based on the same sources, particularly Roman Polanski's Roman.

Once again, Ram Bergman played Roman Polanski.