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Giveaway: WHY SINATRA MATTERS by Pete Hamill by Karina Longworth

The second episode of You Must Remember This was about Frank Sinatra's album Trilogy, particularly the third part of that triple record, "The Future," which includes a song suite composed by Gordon Jenkins in which Sinatra imagines a visit to outer space. A key source in my research on that episode was Why Sinatra Matters, a book collecting writings on Old Blue Eyes by journalist Pete Hamill. You may remember a section of the podcast in which Sinatra, after a night at the bar, is riding home and wistfully musing on age. That comes straight from Hamill.

Why Sinatra Matters has just been re-issued by Little, Brown and Company, and I have five copies signed by the author to give away. They'll go to the first five people who tweet about the book and the Frank Sinatra in Outer Space episode of  You Must Remember This (@RememberThisPod). Note I say that the book will go to five people -- if it looks to my unsophisticated eyes like a spam or bot account is tweeting, that tweet will be disqualified. 

Have fun, tweet safe, and thanks to Little, Brown for making the books available!