Looking for Orson Welles / by Karina Longworth


I'm currently working on an episode about Rita Hayworth and Orson Welles, and I'm looking for someone to portray the latter. It doesn't have to be an actor; it doesn't even necessarily have to be someone with a voice that sounds exactly like Welles. In case you haven't noticed (or didn't listen to the part of the Dory Previn episode where I admitted that my Dory Previn voice sounded nothing like Dory Previn), I'm more interested in emotional realism than realism-realism.

The person who is cast would be required to record a few lines on their own, using either a recording app on a phone or whatever else they have on hand, and then send me an MP3 file of the recording. There would be no payment, but you would get a credit within the episode itself and in the blog posts/tweets promoting the episode. And, you could say you once played Orson Welles on a podcast listened to by, like, dozens of people.

Interested? Here's what to do.

1. Listen to a little bit of Orson Welles' voice to "get in the mood." I recommend his interviews with Peter Bogdanovich, which are available on the Internet Archive.

2. Practice reading this line, which is an actual quote from Welles, about Rita Hayworth:

"Her sex goddess persona was a total impersonation — like Lon Chaney or something. Nothing to do with her. Because she didn’t have that kind of sex appeal at all. She carried it off because of her 'gypsy blood.' But her essential quality was sweetness. There was a richness of texture about her that was very interesting, and very unlike a movie star.”

3. When you're ready, it's time to audition! Call this Google Voice number: (805) 622-9678 and leave a voicemail in which you read the lines. Don't forget to identify yourself and tell me how I can contact you. Please do this no later than Sunday, January 25, 6pm PST.

4. I will listen to the auditions and announce my casting decision on Monday, January 26. If you're chosen, you'll then get to see the full script for the episode and will have about two days to record your lines (should be about 4-5 of them).

5. Sit back and wait to bask in the spotlight of podlebrity!!!

Questions? Email me at karina at vidiocy dot com or Tweet @rememberthispod