Ask Us Anything For Our Anniversary Show! / by Karina Longworth


Hard to believe, but it's true: at the end of this month, You Must Remember This will be one year old. To celebrate our one year anniversary, we're going to make a special episode in which Karina answers your questions. You can ask her anything -- about past episodes, about future episodes, about how the show is put together, about what books/movies you should read/watch if you like book/movie x, about Karina herself -- and Karina will answer as many as she can on the episode. 

Here's how to do it:

Call our Google Voice number and leave a message: (805) 622-9678 -- Note: by leaving a message you are giving us permission to use your message in the episode

or, email Karina dot longworth at gmail dot com, or tweet @rememberthispod

Do this no later than 6pm PST on Tuesday, March 10. Make sure your message includes the name that you want to be referred to by on the show