Charles Manson's Hollywood, Part 6: Kenneth Anger and Bobby Beausoleil / by Karina Longworth


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The first person to go to jail for a Charles Manson-associated murder was Bobby Beausoleil, a charismatic would-be rock star who had put in time as a muse to Kenneth Anger -- child actor-turned-occultist experimental filmmaker, and author of the first bible of embellished celebrity scandal, Hollywood Babylon.

Show Notes:

Special thanks to this week's special guests!

Sam Zimmerman of played Bobby Beausoleil; TS Faull, screenwriter of Grimm Love, played Kenneth Anger; and Nate DiMeo, creator of The Memory Palace podcast, IS Charles Manson.

The base list of sources for this series can be found here

Other sources for this episode included Anger by Bill Landis; A.L. Bardach's 1981 interview with BobbyBeausoleil, originally published in Oui Magazine; "Kenneth Anger: Where the Bodies are Buried" by Mick Brown, Esquire January 2014.

This episode includes a clip from this NSFW trailer for the X-rated Western Ramrodder.

This is Bobby Beausoleil's website. This is Kenneth Anger's website.

Also mentioned in this episode: Mondo Hollywood, the surreal cult documentary capturing assorted eccentric late-1960s Los Angeles residents, directed by Robert Carl Cohen. Mondo Hollywood is available on iTunes and, last I checked, Hulu. You should read this conversation between Cohen and Paul Thomas Anderson, who arranged a screening of Mondo Hollywood at AFI Fest last year because it was a major influence on Inherent Vice