Today in Blurbs: Entertainment Weekly Likes Us! / by Karina Longworth

Have you seen this week’s Entertainment Weekly, the one with Halle Berry on the cover? We’re in it! The magazine named You Must Remember This to their Must List of The Top 10 Things [They] Love This Week!

Perhaps not coincidentally, this weekend we also hit a new high on the iTunes Film & TV Top 10!

Nice blurbs are nice, but it’s nicer that all of y’all are downloading the podcast and, apparently, enjoying it. As I’ve said before, I started this thing with no longterm plan, and no idea if it was actually going to work. This is probably the first time in my life that I’ve done something exactly the way I want to do it, without anyone else’s direction, and without any concession to or even thought about how to make it succeed. It feels pretty great to do something without compromise and have people actually like it. So, thanks! End mush.