We're Joining American Public Media's New Podcast Network! / by Karina Longworth

Now it can be told. At the end of July, I announced my plan to take a 2-3 week summer hiatus. While I was on that hiatus, I was approached by some nice people at American Public Media and invited to join a new podcast network launched under their auspices, which would include radio shows like The Splendid Table, Dinner Party Download and Wits, as well as new podcasts from Sherman Alexie, The Emily Post Institute, and much more. I accepted, and decided to hold my Season 2 debut a little bit longer in order to match their launch schedule. And now, it’s happening: the Infinite Guest network is now live! And Season 2, Episode 1 of You Must Remember This will debut on Tuesday.

What’s going to change? There will be some branding in the podcast, and eventually, a mid-roll ad or two. but otherwise, the content of the podcast will be exactly the same. I will still do all the writing, hosting and editing myself, from my home office in LA or wherever I happen to be. I’m on the hunt for additional collaborators (both people to interview and people with voice talents), and I need to compile a library of podsafe music. But do not fear: Noah will still play Howard Hughes.

I will continue posting show notes here, and if you subscribe to the podcast in iTunes, you should find that nothing has changed. But you can also bookmark the pod’s page over at the Infinite Guest site, where you can also find other podcasts on topics such as food, sports, video game soundtracks, indie hip hop and more. 

Oh, one more thing: I had to re-edit each of my previous episodes slightly in order to minimize the use of copyright music. I had a computer disaster and lost the original project file for our “pilot,” the episode on Kim Novak, so I couldn’t re-edit it and it’s thus not part of the archive on the network. You might be able to find that episode somewhere else on the internet, at least for the time being, but I will probably have to go to those places and delete those files eventually.